Normandy: Land of Cream and Caramel

Famous for its butter, cream and cheese, the Normandy village of Isigny-sur-mer is the only village in France to have an appelation controllée for its dairy products. The dairy production of the region - which also lends its name to the ancestors of Walt Disney, via the surname "d'Isigny" - is overseen by the Isigny Sainte-Mère cooperative, which sells its products across the world, from Australia and the USA to South Africa and Brazil.


Thanks to its butter production, Normandy is also famous for its salted caramel! One such producer is the Vains-based Cara-Meuh! ("Cara-moo!" for us English speakers), which makes a wide selection of delicious caramel treats.

To find out more more about the Isigny-Sainte-Mère cooperative and its history, you can visit its website here, and Cara-Meuh!'s website here. And if either of those tempt your tastebuds, you can visit both Isigny and Cara-Meuh on our Normandy cycling tours, now open for enquiries and bookings for 2018; we have Normandy tours running from June to July.