Is a French Cycling Holiday for you? Of course it is!!!!

Have you ever wanted to visit an area of France but the thought of trying to navigate in a different country has put you off? Take a coach/bus tour, but then not being able to stop and take pictures when you want…?

If you answered yes, then that is why a FCH guided cycling trip is so much better and so fun!!

Someone suggests a cycling holiday and two images may come to mind. You on a bike, baguette in your basket, maybe some cheese and wine…ah lovely…..or do you picture those tortured soles with large bags attached to their back wheels barely being able to stay upright?

 On our tours, your first image is better..we take care of transporting your luggage and we provide the baguette, wine and cheese plus so much more.

 Let us put your first question aside - can you do it?   YES you can do it!!   Everyone who has ridden a bike before can participate in a  FCH tour as we have different levels of tours to suit all rider types. We also have van support for anyone who feels like they have had enough for the day and just want a break!

 We use lightweight TREK hybrid bikes that are comfortable when riding on roads, bike paths, trails etc. Our guides keep them highly maintained and ride them with you!


 Trek Hybrid Fleet

Trek Hybrid Fleet

Even if you have a partner/spouse /friend who wants to holiday with you but is worried about the cycling, have no fear.  You can add the option of an e-bike rental. With the evolution of e-bikes everyone can enjoy the fresh air and  still feel like they have worked to earn their 3 course dinner and glass of wine at the end of the day. Plus you get to enjoy the scenery all around you without worrying about trying to keep up with your travelling companion!

Not sure about an e-bike or what it is? You hear people say it is cheating…that is only because they have not tried one!

An e-bike open doors for more and more people to either continue there passion to cycle as they have aged or suffered injuries or just make life simpler. On all our tours we have options for you to rent an e-bike. We know of people buying e-bikes for a greener way to commute to work, for local shopping trips , travelling around town but whatever the reason we love them 

 Enjoying the ease of an Ebike

 Enjoying the ease of an e-bike on our leisure tours

 So E-bikes what does that actually mean? We at FCH get many questions…so the answer is NO - there is not a really long electrical cord that goes from the bike to the van while you ride along….

Do you  still need to pedal? .....Yes! Like a regular bike if you stop pedalling the bike will eventually stop. 

In simple terms there is a rechargeable battery attached to a small motor on the bike that provides assistance when you are pedalling when or if you want /need it.

If for example you are riding on flat terrain you would just ride the bike like normal - pedal pedal - if however you are tired or on rolling terrain , you turn on the electric assist ( usually a button on your handlebar) and the motor will provide electric power as you pedal. You still switch gears as the terrain changes just like a regular bike ( this helps the battery life).

The electric assist is a great feeling as it can make the cycling effortless when you want it to and flattens out those hills! Be aware you may have a string of riders behind you drafting to make their own hill climbing easier!


Giant Road E-Bike

A road e-bike by GIANT for our sport tours 

So there you have it, join us with or without an e-bike as we explore France together. For full details about all our tours and what’s included  click here......and when you see that wine is included yes that is correct wine is included!