Easter Sing Along!

We had a great response from our "Beat the Intro Quiz" last week so to help with your stay at home Easter Activities we have " Beat the Intro" number 2!  If there are budding musicians in your family they can play along with their own instruments too! Answers found after the music sheet ( FYI - if anyone wants to play the attached music sheet feel free! It was written by the grandfather of our guide David in 1946 - send us your recording!)

Beat the Intro 2





1. Go your own way - Fleetwood Mac

2. I feel the earth move - Carole King

3. Young at Heart - Sinatra

4.  Blue Monday - New Order

5. Sex on Fire -  King of Leons

6 .Start me up - Stones

7. Little red corvette - Prince

8.  Can't get you out of  my head - Kylie Minogue

9. Money - Floyd

10.  Brandy - Looking Glass You are a fine girl.

Tell us how you did - top score at the moment on the FCH teams is 7/10!