Covid 19 Update April 24


What has changed here? Our hair has gotten longer and our waistlines larger as we are still unable to ride our bikes and the 1 km loops around our homes can be quite boring!!  

In all seriousness we hope everyone is adhering to their countries guidelines and staying safe.

We have had confirmation that our "confinement lockdown" will be eased May 11.   A full plan of action of how the confinement will be lifted is to be publicized this coming Thursday after the government bodies meet Tuesday evening.

Last week saw the resurgence of our construction sector, building stores are now open for the general public as are garden centres. Doctors are able to  see patients for non Covid 19 issues. The temporary medical facilites in the Alsace have been dismantled as the number of new cases and deaths has lessened to a state where the medical community is able to handle the patients without need of the temporary facilites. This is all good news.  

In even better news, we understand that May 12th we will once again be allowed out on our bikes and other non essential businesses will be re opened on a gradual basis.   Travel and tourism is still not been discussed at any length. It is still rumored but not confirmed that June2nd will be the date for hotel, restaurants and bars to reopen to the public.  Our borders remain open to the EU and UK with restrictions on types of travel in place and again no real guidelines provided on when this will change. We know Macron is firm in his stance that he will not allow travel from/through countries where there is still a significant risk. 

There has been a push by the public and representatives of the tourism industry for the government to set out some plan for reopening of the travel and tourism sector along with the rest of his plan. We look forward to hearing more on this subject Thursday and will share the news.  

Again we trust you all are staying healthy and riding when you can. Thank you for all those sending us pictures - it is a pleasure to see them come in.

The FCH Team