Covid-19 Coronavirus Update May 29th What will summer bring?


Dear Customers,

With much anticipation across France last evening the government detailed Phase 2 of our deconfinement process that will begin June 2nd. 

As with every announcement we are still reminded that the virus while under control in France is still circulating which is why the below relaxing of restrictions comes with certain safety measures. As you are aware from earlier updates, the majority of France was in what was called a green zone – i.e. the circulation of the virus was low or non-existent and the areas have sufficient health resources available. North east France including Paris and the overseas departments were red. As of yesterday, the map now looks like this:

Phase 2 deconfinement map


Paris as one would expect due to its populous area is now classified as orange along with two of the oversea departments but all in all, this is a welcome sight!

 Quoi de neuf? What’s new? 

Key points of the deconfinement are as follows: 

From June 2nd

  • The existing domestic travel restriction of 100km within France will be removed and we are free to travel across France
  • Tourist attractions such as Museums and monuments are able to reopen albeit visitors will be required to wear masks
  • Tourist accommodation can reopen in green zones (with additional safety measures in place)
  • Restaurants, bars and those wonderful sidewalk cafes can reopen fully in green zones and terraces only for those located within an orange zone (with additional safety measures in place)
  • The remaining beaches and lakes can reopen.
  • Groups will remain limited to 10 in public spaces.

 From June 15th

  • Border restrictions on non-essential travel within Europe is expected to be lifted (Still in discussion with EU partners, although we understand each EU country has agreed to this date)
  • *Voluntary Quarantine measures – are in place for those travelling from/through the UK or Spain. (France has stated they will put “voluntary” quarantine measures in place with any country that imposes a quarantine on the residents of France. To date this is the UK and Spain)
  • Travel from outside of Europe will remain restricted

*Voluntary Quarantine – you are asked to self-isolate for 14 days upon arriving at your destination in France but there are no controls in place to enforce this. 

From June 22nd  - Phase 3 begins

  • Expected date for further announcements on the reopening of borders to non-Europeans

 July 24th

  • Expected date to end the State of Emergency

What does this mean for French Cycling Holiday tours this summer? 

Sadly, whilst we had hoped …although some may say dreamed, we would be able to run tours with our UK and European customers with the current UK quarantine measures we feel that realistically this will not happen. 

We would be unable as a company to put measures in place to confirm those arriving in France from the UK have followed government advice to self- quarantine and our European customer base is too small to create enough numbers to viably run the tours. 

Customers scheduled up to August 23rd have indicated they cannot travel to us, therefore we will update our website to reflect the next scheduled tour dates to make it easier to book future tours with us. 

We thank our optimistic customers ( and share that optimism!) still scheduled with us on our tours from August 23rd and will continue to monitor and update as required. 

What can we offer? 

Domestic travel is still an option so starting from June 15th and working with some of our partners we have created day trips and short stays for those in France looking for cycle support or a quick getaway. We will welcome bespoke request from those looking to put private groups together so if you have friends or family in France looking to explore a different area from where they live - please share the news!  We will add these to our website. 

Until next time, stay safe and get out on your bikes! (if you can!)  

 P.S. If you are into Strava,  join our FCH Club so we can see where everyone is riding these days!