Corona Virus Update March 28


Dear Customers 

We hope you are all staying safe and have continued good health in this world we are all now living in.

While France was under a ‘lockdown” until March 31; as of yesterday the government has increased this period until April 15th. 

The last two weeks has seen movement of all persons around the world still travelling to get to their respective homes. Hopefully, now that travel restrictions have been further increased people will be able to heed the advise by the World Health Organization to “Stay Home” .

We too wish you all to stay home….....for now.Our message remains the same. Tours listed on our website remain as is and if circumstances change, we will aim to reschedule all affected tours until either later in 2020 or to equivalent dates in 2021.

Stay safe everyone so we can all ride together again.

In the meantime, please follow us through Facebook or Instagram to keep the dream of cycling alive.

The French Cycling Team.