Corona Virus Update April 3


Dear Customers,

We hope this email finds everyone healthy.

Countries are continuing to restrict movement of people and we expect that the date of April 15th in France will be extended; albeit in certain areas people may be able to have an extended solo excursion out of the home for exercise - our guides living in France eagerly await this!

Many of you have contacted us to advise of travel disruptions/cancellations to your existing holidays and we ask that you continue to do this in order to help us manage our hotel/restaurant partnerships. 

If your airlines has advised you are unable to travel, please let us know. If you wish to rebook travel and do not see dates on our website that suit your travel needs, please also let us know.

Stay safe everyone so we can all ride together again.In the meantime, please follow us through Facebook or Instagram to keep the dream of cycling alive.

The French Cycling Team.