A little fun...answer questions about our tours to find the word of the month!

A quick and easy quiz  to while your tine away while waiting to travel with us again! The first letter of each answer is used to form a hidden word.  Hint: We are hoping the uptake of this will become faster.


  1. The French word for wine is...?
  2. If you were to order a Flammekueche what area of France would we be in? 
  3. On our Provence Roman Heritage tour, what famous wine area do we cycle through and stop for a tasting?
  4. What features on every FCH picnic along with a baguette?
  5. A classic French childhood treat of sticky poached meringues in a pool of creme anglaise is named?
  6. What area of France is Mont Saint-Michel located in?
  7. For those who are looking for a little extra assistance when Cycling on one of our lumpier routes for example our Mont Aigoual and Cevennes tour, what type of bike can we offer you?

Scroll past the picture for the answers!



  1. Vin
  2. Alsace
  3. Chateau Neuf de Pape
  4. Cheese
  5. île Flottante
  6. Normandy
  7. E-Bikes

Word of the month: VACCINE