2023 - A great season! - part 3

Rugby, red wine and ratatouille!

 After a well-deserved break in August (our guides need holidays too, and it can be challenging to find accommodations during the peak season!), we had the pleasure of hosting our hard-core Rugby fans from Australia. They embarked on  thrilling journeys through the Bordeaux and Dordogne regions, perfectly timed to coincide with the World Cup of Rugby. This unique experience allowed our guests to immerse themselves in both the world of wine and the fascinating world of Rugby mascots! We enjoyed learning about these two passions that brought our guests together, creating special memories along the way.

dordogne biking

On our ride through the vineyards of Bordeaux, we met vignerons (and vigneronnes, of course!) who explained with passion how they create their wines. We like to visit the smaller producers who can give us a real hands-on experience rather than the slick corporate experiences of the big producers. It is sobering (!) to hear about the trials and tribulations of making a living in an age beset by the problems caused by climate change. 

In the Dordogne, the world famous caves of Lascaux and the magnificent medieval town of Sarlat were among the highlights - not to forget the amazing canoe trip down the Dordogne river gazing up at the medieval châteaux of the Hundred Years war glowering down from the cliffs on both sides of the river. 

bordeaux bike route


 Toujours Provence!

ventoux cycling

To wrap up the season, we headed to the magnificent landscapes of Provence cycling on two different routes; Luberon Valley, with its dramatic perched villages and rock formations, and the gentler Roman Heritage route, showcasing iconic Roman sites like the World Heritage site of the Pont du Gard and prestigious wine areas such as Châteauneuf-du-Pâpe. With its stunning weather, warm nights perfect for outdoor dining, and breathtaking light that has inspired countless artists, Provence never fails to impress. During our time in Provence, we had the pleasure of discovering some exceptional new restaurants. A special thanks goes to Le Mas in Les Imberts for their warm welcome and exceptional cuisine. We highly recommend a visit to this culinary gem.

One of our proudest moments was renewing the long-standing relationships we've cultivated over the past 20 years. Our Provence Roman Heritage tour, which has become a true classic in our offerings, allows us to stay at trusted hotels and dine at favourite restaurants. We are grateful to Mas de Cure Bourse, La Galoubet, and 80 Jours for always extending a warm welcome to us and our guests. They treat our guests, who are maybe passing through just one time, as if they were regular customers to be looked after  These special connections make our Provence tours even more memorable.

pont du gard cycling

As we end this incredible season, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to each and every one of you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Your love for cycling, adventure, and the beautiful country of France fuels our passion to provide exceptional cycling experiences. We are genuinely honoured to have been a part of your cycling journey this summer and cannot wait to welcome you back for more adventures, discoveries, and unforgettable memories.

Stay tuned for news of our 2024 season!

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