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For the traveller, there is no better way to see France. On a French Cycling Holiday you are part of the picture, not just an observer through the glass of your car window. You see la France profonde — ‘the real France’ at a pace that is relaxed enough to capture the essence of the country, yet swift enough to see changes in the character of the country between regions.

For the cyclist, biking in France has everything that you could possibly want — stunning scenery, quiet roads and a culture that embraces the bicycle as a fundamental part of its character and therefore welcomes cyclists with respect and enthusiasm.

France is of course the birthplace of haute cuisine, and home to a wide variety of wines to complement the dishes of each area. By travelling under your own steam, you will end each day with an appetite that you will be able to satisfy without guilt, because you will have earned it!

We have carefully planned our routes through some of the most beautiful parts of France, travelling on minor roads and, where available, designated cycle paths. A guide is with you on the road, and detailed route maps are provided. All baggage is carried from hotel to hotel, in our minibus leaving you free to enjoy the scenery.

The minibus driving guide will be on hand to give out bananas and cakes to keep you going and to top up your French Cycling Holidays waterbottles; our guides are also masters of the art of the picnic and our customers rave about the marvellous spreads we rustle up. You won't go hungry on a French Cycling vacation!

Our tours are recommended for anyone who is reasonably fit, but if you haven’t spent too much time on a bike, don’t worry, the minibus is never far away if you need to give your legs a rest . The tours are also ideal for more experienced cyclists, as our guides will be happy to recommend (and join in on) additional routes for those wishing to do a few more kilometres.

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  • “Wonderful – I will never forget the experience.”

    Annette Moolman, Pretoria, South Africa

  • “Thoroughly enjoyable – excellent company, great food and wine...”

    Robert Willis, Essex, UK

  • “An excellent experience – I would do it all again!”

    Gil Chavez, California, USA

  • “So good! I will definitely return and recommend to all my cycling chums – Keep it up!”

    Deborah Owen, Yorkshire, UK

  • “Excellent!! Can't wait to return for another trip! – Clive and Craig make a great team, always accommodating and attentive to everyone's needs”

    The Gorman family, Ontario, Canada

  • “Beyond all expectations...”

    Judith Losonczi, California, USA

  • “A memorable experience – can’t wait to do our next one!”

    Leanne Enright, Sydney, Australia

  • “Memorable in so many ways – scenery, experiences, group camaraderie and much more...”

    Kelly Kita, Minnesota, USA

  • “A great trip – cycling, company, food, hotels – everything!”

    Bill Barrie, Leicestershire, UK

  • “As close to perfect as possible — an addictive experience!”

    Harald & Karin Ingebrietsen, Fiellhamar, Norway

  • “Everything we dreamed about, expected and more – simply incredible! The company of the guides and our fellow riders was fantastic!”

    John & Margie Gooding, Nevada, USA

  • “The Dordogne tour is a complete delight.”

    Margaret Miller, Victoria, Australia

  • “Beyond expectations. The best tour we have been on – we will recommend widely!”

    Clive & Kristen, South Australia

  • “Excellent value, great cycling routes. Can’t wait to do the next one!”

    Carole Engelder, Texas, USA

  • “The Luberon trip was the best yet – which one do we do next year to beat it?”

    Claire Sweeney, Victoria, Australia