Strange but true - France's Nutella riots

Last week saw a bizarre set of riots and scenes of fighting throughout France... not over sports or politics, but over Nutella. Though the hazelnut chocolate spread is popular worldwide, few would have thought that even a massive 70% price discount from French supermarket Intermarché would result in fighting in the aisles.

The supermarket brought the price down from €4.50 to €1.40, a discount that had been "unilaterally decided" by Intermarché; but the deals proved so enticing that customers were found shoving and punching each other to get as many jars as possible throughout the country, necessitating that the police be called. Though fortunately nobody has been seriously hurt, the scenes show how serious the French can get about their cuisine!

The events were so serious that the discounts are being investigated by France's finance ministry - the country has strict rules about the size of discounts, and some, including Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Travert, are pushing for the promotion to be judged to be an instance of "product dumping".